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Jeep Compass - ‘Every dog has his Jeep’


Steve created the Jeep Compass campaign featuring a dog that wanted no man to come between him, his owner and their new Jeep. It was supported with a fully integrated digital campaign.



Here's a brief overview of the digital campaign created to integrate with the television campaign.

Jeep Compass - ‘Every dog has his Jeep, too’


After the success of the first year's campaign, Steve was asked to write a sequel featuring the same characters. So he wrote a short film that had three different endings that people could choose between online. The TV commecials ran like trailers and gave glimpses of the online campaign.  The series of films were directed by Hollywood director, Bobby Farrelly (There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, and Shallow Hal) which gained the campaign extra PR mileage with Bobby interviewed by most of the news outlets during the filming.

This is the film with the first ending.

This is the film with the second ending.

This is the film with the third ending.

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